Selected Essays and Reviews

An Electric Conductor: For 15 years, Aaron Collins and the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra Have Been Sparking Interest in Classical Music. Vero Beach Magazine, January 2024.

Reading at Full Blast: The Learning Alliance’s Moonshot Moment Is Serving as a Booster for Elementary School Literacy Levels. Vero Beach Magazine, May 2023.

Promises Kept: Ashley Campbell Will Remember her Famous Father at a Luncheon Benefiting Senior Resource Association.  with Ann Taylor. Vero Beach Magazine, November 2022.

Like Mother Like Daughter: In Honor of Mother’s Day, We Asked Four Mother-daughter Duos to Share the Secret to their Close Relationships.  Vero Beach Magazine, May 2022.

Hitting Home: Sharon Robinson has Lived Out her Legendary Father’s Values while Forging her own Path in Life. Vero Beach Magazine, December 2019.

Writing Inside in the Daytime. Brevity Blog. April 24, 2019.

Writing Outside in the Morning. Brevity Blog. November 2, 2018.

On Writing, Time, and Tangling with Leonard Bernstein.  Brevity Blog. October 4, 2018.

How to Help Kids Deal with Death and Cope with Loss. Guest post. Abrazo and Coze. October 5, 2018.

Life, Love, and Uncle Don’s Last Visit. The Daily Good. October, 2013.

Drownproofing. The Sun. Readers Write. February, 2013.

Young People’s Chance to React. Letter to the Editor. Albuquerque Journal Westside Edition, January 28, 2012.

Beyond Desire: Review of Transit by Susan Donnelly. Cold Mountain Review. Fall, 2003.

Why I Run. Footnotes. Winter 1998.

The House of Wisdom by John Dunne. (Review). Humanitas. Volume 1, Number 1, 1985.


About the Author.” Blue Mesa Review #7

“Quadruple Bypass.” Blue Mesa Review #8

“Wild Horses.” Notre Dame Review #3


Judges Special Citation for “Ladies on Letticoe.” University of Notre Dame Sesquicentennial Year Poetry Contest, 1992.

Second Place/Poetry for “Recollected in Tranquility.” Southwest Writers Annual Writing Contest 2006.