About Heather O’Shea

Heather O’Shea

writes the blog Live Love Leave: It’s What We Do. She has been writing since she could hold a pencil. Her work has appeared in The Sun, the Daily Good, the Notre Dame Review, Blue Mesa Review, and  Cold Mountain Review. Her work has received awards, including second place (poetry) in The Southwest Writers 2006 Annual Contest and a Judges Special Citation in the Notre Dame Sesquicentennial Year Poetry Contest.

Heather’s day jobs

have included seventeen years teaching English and Economics in an independent high school, as well as two years teaching Freshman English at the University of New Mexico. She also spent ten years managing employees in two large corporations. Heather demonstrated that she was qualified to do all that illustrious work by completing an executive MBA and a PhD in English.

Heather’s side gigs

have included developing and conducting workshops on using Word and Excel; speaking to leadership teams about self-directed work places and managing change; training employees on accounts receivable; and even preaching a few sermons at her favorite Episcopal church. As a consultant she’s helped businesses unravel complex billing issues and develop simple databases. As a writer and educator she has created curriculum guides, crafted mission statements, developed instruction manuals, and written more words about more things than she can possibly count or remember.

Heather is leaving her day job

and moving the side gigs to the center to develop her writing career. While she writes her blog, mails essays, stories, and poems into the void, and quietly seeks a publisher for her first novel, she will be keeping body and soul together by hanging out her shingle.

Photo of Heather O'Shea holding a shingle reading "writer"
That’s me, hanging out my shingle.
Contact Heather O’Shea

if you have words that need to be written or documents that need to be edited. She is also available for private tutoring and to develop custom workshops for schools, businesses, or community groups. Her areas of expertise include honing communication skills; using MS Office and Google products; and education, especially curriculum development, project based learning, assessment, and building effective relationships.

13 Replies to “About Heather O’Shea”

  1. Your writing connects and conveys meaning—thank you for this, particularly in these times. I’m excited about reading more by Heather O’Shea!

    All the best from a long ago fellow Bethel Parkite, Julie Fitzgerald Spiker

  2. Hi!! Thank you for the update, I have no doubt that there will be publishers fighting over your first of many novels!!

    1. Hi New Caney, Texas! I hope that I replied to your message back in 2016. but I’m making changes on my site and it looks like I might have neglected to do that. If so, belated thanks for the encouragement. I’m plugging along, and making changes in my life to bring this work to the center. Thanks for reading then (and, I hope, now!)

  3. I first saw, and stopped in, Albuquerque in the summer of 1971. I said I would like to live here. I never got to, and I feel it is fitting to have found you this morning!

    1. I feel fairly confident that I answered your comment a long time ago (I hope I told you the story about the woman on the plane who told me that if I wore out a pair of shoes here I would stay forever), but for some reason, that response (if I really made it!) is gone. I’m still feeling my way through this blogging world. I hope you are still out there reading, and thanks!

  4. And I am a woman who needs to read them. Your piece on “A visit from Uncle Don”
    was perfectly aimed…targeted dead center my head, heart and soul. Thank you.

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