We all have moments that rattle our foundations, thunderstorms that yank our roots out of the ground.

I was striding boldly across the surface of the planet one day when my moment came. In one phone call, I stopped believing that the earth beneath my feet was firm.

The sun has come up and gone down many times since that day. Eventually, I realized I had to choose. I could retreat, hunker down, and close myself off to love and the certainty of loss.

Or, I could peel back my skin, take my chances, and let the world in. I was terrified, but eventually, I decided to double down on love.

On this blog, I try to tell as much truth as I can about living in this glorious, mysterious, messed up world.

I write about the news when it moves me; I tell stories about teaching teenagers; and I muck around in the mystery that moves in us as we breathe.

We all live, love, and leave.

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What people are saying about Live Love Leave

“Laugh out loud funny, and poignant at the same time.”

“I love this.  Personal.  Clean.  Focused.”

“This piece is your finest so far. I think it captures that sense we get at times that nothing is solid yet everything is real.”

“Another beautiful essay, which strikes so many resonant chords.  You are a poet in the very best sense (not that there are very many bad senses!).”

“Love it. You are honest and funny.”

“You have helped me release a flood of tears.”