About Heather O’Shea

I’m a teacher, a reader, a writer. I love finches, mandolins, owls, and cranes. I’m a daughter, a wife, a sister. I love Pittsburgh in fall, Albuquerque in August, and Chicago when the wind off Lake Michigan blows clear through you. I’m a stepmother, a grandmother, a friend. I love Rilke, Robert Hass, and a certain golden retriever.  I’m a slightly published poet, an endless reviser of novels, a writer of essays, and a mailer of many words into the world.

Mostly, I’m a woman whose words are piling up in her mouth while she waits for people to hear them.

Julia Alvarez said “There is no end to what can be said about the world.” I am a woman who needs to say some of those things. I’m a woman who is grateful if you’re listening.

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7 thoughts on “About Heather O’Shea”

  1. I first saw, and stopped in, Albuquerque in the summer of 1971. I said I would like to live here. I never got to, and I feel it is fitting to have found you this morning!

  2. And I am a woman who needs to read them. Your piece on “A visit from Uncle Don”
    was perfectly aimed…targeted dead center my head, heart and soul. Thank you.

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